New Terminator Release: v2.1.4

This release is the result of a year’s worth of small bugfixes and features from a vast array of contributors. Go to the releases page to see all the fixes and new features, and all of the fantastic contributors that made this release possible

I just want to stress that most of the work that was done on this release was not done by me. I’ve been busy with a job and a family and a life, but others have stepped up and fixed bugs when they found them, or come up with contributions to implement little quality of life improvements. Again, this release would have been a bare-bones bugfix release without all of the contributors.

The update is currently available for Ubuntu through the Terminator PPA, and is winding it’s way through the Debian packaging process and is currently in testing Package Page. Hopefully we can get it backported to the current release. It has also been released for Fedora 40, and is in EPEL 8 and EPEL 9, so if you’re running the current version of Fedora, or any of the RedHat derivatives, it should just be a dnf install terminator away.

Thanks again for all of the support!