Welcome to Folkwolf.net

Folkwolf.net has been my home on the internet since 1998. It's had a webserver and email server on it since 1999, and it's had a blog since 2003.

Recent posts

2023 Year of the RSS Reader?

In the Nieman Lab “Predictions for Journalism 2023” project, Kelly Usher predicts that next year will be The year of the RSS Reader. As someone who has neve...

Folkwolf.net upgraded

Folkwolf.net has been upgraded from F28 to F37, so if you use the server for anything and notice anything amiss, please let me know.

More playing around with ActivityPub

I keep researching ActivityPub implementations, and I keep finding things like https://github.com/gazpachoteam/mini-activitypub and https://gitlab.com/acefed...

E.B. White: A 1930s tech blogger

E.B. White is rightfully well-known as the writer of Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little (a particular favourite of mine when I was younger), as well as an arb...

ActivityPub starting point

This seems like a good starting point to further my recent obsession with ActivityPub. https://macwright.com/2022/12/09/activitypub.html

A Directory of bloggerful things

https://ooh.directory is from Phil Gyford, and is, a curated, categorized list of blogs. I haven’t actually checked it out, but I keep meaning to.