Starting Over

Here we go again. I tried using tumblr as my “front page/blog” for a while, and that has … not worked out as I planned. Last I checked, that, despite wanting to write stuff, the tumblr set up got in the way. So I’m trying over again. I’m gonna see how this goes for a while.

So, new blog now, and for blogging, Ive gone in a radically different direction. Tumblr was very very much a “web2.0, all singing, all dancing” platform. What I’ve moved to now is much more developer-friendly. Jekyll is, more correctly, not a blog platform, like tumblr or wordpress, but a static site generator. What this means is that I can check my content out from a central repository using git, and edit contents using a standard text editor. I can create a new post simply by adding a new file and opening it in my text editor, and the whole thing is kept in sync by what has become the standard version control system.

I’ve got a lot of posts archived on github so I’ll probably sprinkle a few of those in.