Tracy Chapman rides again

Three things make me stupendously happy watching this video:

  1. Luke Combs, who made this song a super-mega-hit in 2023, invited Tracy Chapman on, and made her the start of the performance. He didn’t play guitar, barely sang, and was humble enough just to be honoured to be on stage with her. At one point you can see him singing along outside of the mic range, and it looks like he just can’t help himself. Given the problematic history of white artists stealing black music and never crediting the sources (See most of your favourite bands from the sixties), this was a nice step forward.
  2. Tracy Chapman’s obvious joy at playing this song again in front of fans.
  3. Taylor Swift, possibly the biggest mega popstar in the entire history of pop music, standing up, dancing, and singing along to every word. You just know this is an inspiration to her as well.

Anyway, hopefully twitter doesn’t take this one down: