Finally somebody figured this out

I’ve been frustrated by an inability to use Netflix and Spotify on all my devices. I have a bunch of ARM devices (raspberry Pis and an M1 Macbook with Linux, and especially the raspberry Pis would be great media servers, except for the fact that most streaming services can not run on these devices. It’s not because the device isn’t supported by the DRM solution, it’s just that the DRM solution isn’t distributed with the browser. Given that I try very hard to pay for services and content that I value and that these are both services I pay for, it galls me that I can’t watch netflix or listen to spotify on all of my computers.

Somebody finally figured out a way of getting the ARM version of libwidevine to run on Asahi Linux, and also has notes for getting it to work on Raspberry Pis. Legally.

From the article:

Nevertheless, the most technically interesting method of streaming media on aarch64 Linux right now is to wrangle DRM into doing its job.

This should be alarming to anyone with a stake in content “protection”. Look how many hoops I had to jump through just to legally watch Netflix as a paying customer!

It would have been orders of magnitude more convenient for me to use a torrent client, but that would be a boring article. Making the DRM work should not be the “interesting” path!